Drummer and backup vocals

Born – Wednesday, 22nd April, 1992.

Starting in September 2008, Dan is studying for five A’ levels at Cheam High School, in between his studies he totally enjoys playing for Vintage.  The band seems to have bought his relationship with his brother and James closer, despite what seems to be endless arguments at practice time.  When he first joined Vintage he only been drumming for a few months and found it difficult to keep up with Matt and James but over time he has become a confident drummer and with all the constructive criticism and encouragement hopes that his skills continue to develop.

Daniel says, “The band has always had to fit around our lives and so many things tend to get in the way, especially exams and work, but all through this Vintage has remained strong and I always enjoy our practices”. 

Of the other band members Dan says, “During the time I’ve know James, he has come a very long way.  He went from being a very quiet and shy person to singing lead vocals and playing his solos with confidence and enthusiasm”.

On his brother he suggests, “My brother too, went from being very shy to engaging the audience and singing his heart out”.


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