Rhythm guitar and Lead vocals

Born – Saturday, 3rd February, 1990.

For Matt it all started with a Buddy Holly CD he listened to whilst being driven to the South of France on holiday.  He couldn’t help but laugh at all of the hic-ups and the weird style of music.  He was 11 years old and Buddy Holly was his new, favourite artist.

After listening to this CD over and over again he found he knew all of the words.  His voice seemed to suit the style and after a while he was asked to sing for his Nan.  Embarrassment and stage fright meant his first performance was completed with Matt facing the stairs of the family home, making sure everyone was looking the opposite way he sang a couple of the songs he had learnt.  A star was born...

A couple of years later Michael Buble released his first album and Matt fell into big band jazz.  The difference in style was amazing and Matt found some similarity in their passions in that Michael was someone who, like him, was a singer too young for the era they were singing.  Another CD was bought and learnt and the deeper tonal quality found in his voice meant Matt, after much training, now had quite a range going from a high singer like Holly, to a deep singer like Buble.

At the age of fourteen he started to learn the guitar, add that to his singing ability and with encouragement from his friend, James MacKenzie, they decided they should start a band.  From the very beginning they believed they had something that sounded good but building a band was more difficult than they had first thought.  Bassists and drummers were auditioned, tried and removed like there was no tomorrow.  In the end they settled at using different people as and when they needed.

Around 2005 and after some early covers of Oasis, Green Day and Guns ‘n’ Roses, James wanted to try 50’s and 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll.  The fact that Matt knew all of Buddy Holly’s lyrics put him in position as lead vocalist.  Matt suggests that James has a natural, self taught, ability that has lent itself well to learning this new genre of music, filling guitar solos with his own interpretation earned James the position of lead guitarist.

Matt was really excited when his brother, Dan, asked to have a go at the drums after watching a mutual friend.  Matt says, “He took to it straight away and showed enough interest and enthusiasm to convince our parents to buy him a drum kit for Christmas”.   He goes on to say, “We now had a drummer, vocalist, and lead guitarist.  All we needed was a name...”

For Matt’s 16th birthday in 2006 his auntie Sandra bought him a shirt with the logo: ‘1990, a vintage year’.  They had a gig coming up at school and needed a name; Vintage just seemed to fit...

Matt goes on to say of his brother, “Dan was one of the best things that could have happened to the band.  We taught him a simple drum beat and he played along.  He had some lessons and it all came together.  He was not only one of the best drummers we had tried, but he also bought his own feeling to the group.  He has progressed so much over the last year it has been unreal.  Without him we would not have come so far as a band, he is not just the backbone in our music, he is one of our great friends.”

And of James, Matt concludes, “James and I became good friends after both taking music at GCSE.  He is my best friend and we seem to have the same sense of humour.  Music has kept us in contact after leaving school.  He taught me nearly everything I know about playing guitar and I have taught him nearly everything he knows about music technology.  So we work well as a team.”


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